Dubai Real Estate Market Overview – Q3, 2023

The Dubai real estate market exhibited robust growth in the 3rd quarter of 2023, with the market being led by a surge in transactions across apartments, villas, and plots. The overall value of property sale transactions reached an impressive AED 128.08 billion, reflecting Dubai’s appeal as a top real estate destination.

The demand for residential real estate is projected to remain robust, aided by a stabilization in property prices. This outlook is further bolstered by the expected addition of approximately 40,000 new units to the market.

The primary avenue for growth in developers’ revenues will be sales from newly launched and recent projects. Mortgage activity is unlikely to undergo substantial shifts, given the persistently high interest rates; however, the Dubai market is predominantly fuelled by cash transactions, reducing its vulnerability to interest rate changes.

Key Figures

  • Total Property Sale Transactions: 41,768
  • Total Worth of Sales: AED 128.08 billion

Breakdown by Property Type

  • Apartments: 22,136 sales, worth AED 43.2 billion
  • Villas: 5,627 sales, worth AED 27.9 billion
  • Plots: 2,702 sales, worth AED 25 billion

Mortgage Transactions

  • Total Property Mortgage Transactions: 9,028
  • Total Worth of Mortgages: AED 38.80 billion

Top 3 Performing Areas in 3rd Quarter 2023

  1. Palm Jumeirah: 651 sales, worth AED 9.47 billion
  2. Business Bay: 2,945 sales, worth AED 6.03 billion
  3. Burj Khalifa: 1,524 sales, worth AED 5.62 billion

Strong Sales in Apartments

The apartment sector continued to be the most active, with over 22,136 transactions valued at AED 43.2 billion. This signifies a strong demand for more affordable and centrally located living options, attracting both investors and end-users alike.

Villa Sales Show Steady Growth

Villa sales were another bright spot, capturing significant market value of AED 27.9 billion across 5,627 transactions. This underscores the appeal of luxury and spacious living, especially for families.

Plots Gain Attention

With 2,702 transactions worth AED 25 billion, the land plot market is demonstrating that investors are showing keen interest in building bespoke properties, likely spurred by increased infrastructural developments around the city.

Experts at K Estates has seen noticeable surge in interest from Russian investors who are particularly interested in acquiring land plots in prime areas like Emirates Hills, Dubai Hills, and Palm Jumeirah for the purpose of building luxurious villas or mansions.

Noteworthy Areas

Palm Jumeirah led the way as the most lucrative area, with Business Bay and Burj Khalifa following closely. These areas have historically been strong performers, and their continued success indicates their enduring attractiveness for real estate investment.

Mortgage Trends

The mortgage sector remained strong with 9,028 transactions totalling AED 38.8 billion. This suggests that financing options are being readily utilized by investors and homeowners, contributing to the overall market activity.


The 3rd quarter of 2023 has been promising for the Dubai real estate market. High transaction volumes and values across all sectors suggest a thriving market environment. The leading areas—Palm Jumeirah, Business Bay, and Burj Khalifa—remain hotspots for high-value transactions, reinforcing their appeal to both local and international investors.


For market participants and stakeholders, the current trends suggest that investments in apartments and villas offer substantial returns. It might also be beneficial to explore opportunities in emerging neighbourhoods as well as land plots for long-term value creation.

The data presents a compelling narrative of a market in strong health, positioning Dubai as a leading global real estate hub.

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